Living The Life of a Real Estate Investor

real estate and wine Houstonians have a lot of luxuries that we take for granted. Where it’s the various wine bars we have, listening to symphonies downtown, or rooting for our Astros, there’s always one thing that continues to stand out — well let’s make that two. Our wine and our homes. Houston is huge, and so is its real estate market, which has some of the most friendly people in the city, I might add. Because of this, there’s always something available to those that are looking to or are already involved in the real estate market here. Because the city is so large, there are neighborhoods that just go through waves of ups and downs. Either it’s a new development, redevelopment, or it’s starting to lose its value, real estate investors are almost always involved in some fashion. We keep building new areas, and we revitalize old ones. This is what keeps the city from becoming a huge dump!

There are currently 250,000 real estate agents, an estimated 50,000 real estate investors, and over 1 million homes that need to be restored or remodeled in Houston

Getting into the real estate market in Houston is not that terribly difficult. You simply have to start going to one of the many local real estate events, whether it’s a REIA or a private but regular event (there are some that are once a month while others are once a week), there are always people to meet. In real estate, your network is the number one most important thing. Without your network, you wouldn’t be able to learn as well, have a list of buyers, have a list of lenders, or generally know what is happening in the market. You can make money and get by very well simply by having a network and being brand new to the scene! Make sure you start visiting these events, and don’t miss any chance you get to build a relationship with someone else, no matter how well or poor they’re doing for themselves. You never know what kind of connections each person has. Aside from the real estate itself, people that have networked in these groups tend to do business with each other that may not even be related to real estate. The real estate investment market is not something that most investors begin with, it’s something they lead up to. That means they have a whole life and list of connections in other markets, and real estate may simply be a secondary form of making their money work for them. This can lead to a lot of different, new business ventures outside of flipping houses. So what’s it like for a real estate investor? It’s pretty easy going, I must say. Call up some new leads in the morning, follow up with some in the afternoon, sip on some wine in the evening, or maybe even the whole day depending on where you have to be. In either case, you don’t need to answer to anyone or be in any particular place unless you want it. Different real estate investors have different styles. A lender may never have to look at a house and can simply make money off the interest from their outbound loans. A wholesaler who loves to talk to people can discuss options with homeowners that are in trouble, and help them sell the house fast. A flipper can work on houses because they really enjoy making something old and yucky turn into something new and amazing. And long-term renters can simply collect a check every month and never have to work again! There are all sorts of options when it comes to investing. The best thing to do is just simply get out there and learn! You can check out our sister company, Home Buyer Houston, to learn more about how this works. Check out more about real estate and our lifestyle one our blog